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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

vacation surprise

when you live in Michigan, a favorite place to vacation is "up north".  up north can be anywhere north of where you live.  for us this summer, it meant Petoskey and Mackinac Island.  it was full of breathtaking views, wonderful family time, fastpitch softball games and ... oh yeah! a proposal! i'm such a sucker for romance.  thought i would share this fantastic last minute "engagement shoot" I had in the garden of the grand hotel...

papa and bro on the ferry
headed up the hill to Fort Mackinac

soldier at attention

Brody's reaction... don't think he loved it.

of course I had to search for my ancestors to see if any had been stationed there

a look out one of many"peep holes" 


look, I made it into a pic!

my sweet little soldier


and as we wandered the gardens barefoot and exhausted, a young lady approached asking if I could snap their picture.  her fiance had just proposed! well, yes! i can do that!

aren't they adorable? i remember i couldn't stop staring at my hand for at least a month.  
congratulations you two, may you have a lifetime of happiness!

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