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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Worth the Wait

Although I try to adhere to a very strict set of rules for photographing families {particularly newborns}, there are times when I can't help the circumstances in which to photograph.  I was stopping through North Carolina a few weeks ago and baby Anthony was only days old... mama wanted photographs to capture his teeny "smooshy, sleepy" baby stage.  I was SO looking forward to meeting him and capturing him on film. The problem? The only time available to photograph him was in the evening.  No light except the flash. {I try to stay away from flash as often as possible.} Newborn skin is notoriously blotchy, bumpy, and purple so I try to harness as much natural light as possible to even it out in my camera... before a very time intensive editing session.  My clients are always so eager to see the end result, it can be hard to wait for those images to be ready to view.  I, too am a very "immediate gratification" person and I can definitely commiserate with moms who are anxious to see their pictures.  Here is a perfect example of my work behind the scenes and what you are waiting for me to finish.  Sweet Anthony has no more baby acne, and we had a fun shoot... I'm glad to say the post processing has his skin glowing again.  It just takes time!

here are a few more images from this shoot.  Welcome to the world, baby Anthony!

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