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Monday, March 18, 2013

Fundraiser for those who hate fundraisers!

My daughter plays on a travel softball team and I recently decided to take up the position of "fundraising guru" {a name bestowed upon me by my husband, the coach!} After pondering and "pinteresting" I decided people are SO over buying pizzas, coupon books, overpriced candles... What can we do that's quick, fun, and easy? After reading this girls post about chocolate covered goodies,  I was impressed by the simplicity and execution of a yummy treat packaged to sell.  {I'm such a sucker for packaging} I put out a quick text to some other parents to get feedback and checked the calendar finding the next big holiday was... dum da da DUM! Valentines Day!

This fundraiser was a major hit {pun intended} as strawberries were on sale 2 for $4 EVERYWHERE and the reasonably priced packaging was found at Gordon Foods {take out containers and individual wax sheets} The ribbon was lurking in my basement from a prior project, and the melting chocolate came from Mary's Klever Kreations in Waterford. 

I began the process the night before, washing the berries and setting them out to dry.  Then I made home made carmel for the first pretzel "bath".  This is the part I would've done differently... SPRAY THE WAX PAPER with cooking spray... DO IT! I realized too late that I put the caramel directly on the paper and it was awful getting them off the next day.

Anyway, here are some shots from our first fundraiser, in case you might want to try it... We only had a handful of girls able to help and we made $500 after the cost of supplies. The girls had a blast taking part. {Did I mention it took only 2 hours start to finish?} We will definitely do this one next year.

 coffee containers in crock pots full of hot water helped us dip the pretzels high enough.

 cutting our cute tags

 she's trying not to curse me for all the caramel pretzels she had to scrape!

Ta-Da! The finished product! What are your ideas for a unique fundraiser?

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