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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finding Beauty in the Mundane

I have a secret... well it's not really a secret at all.   I don't like fall.  Yep. All you fall lovers just gasped in disbelief.  You love the crisp air, the trip to the cider mill, the breathtaking color display... I get it.  Heard it all before and try as you might, you will likely only get a patient nod from me as you plead your case. I realize it's hard to imagine.  Just like when I tell people I don't like ice cream.  I sound very un-American, eh? (it's sO cold!) Anyway, for all you Pro-autumn advocates.. I give you some moments this fall that I was able to see pure beauty in some last minute hurry-and-grab-your-camera moments. 
My heart has always grown two sizes (name that movie!) when I see the students raise the flag at school every morning in the drop off lane. So when I heard it was Marlee's turn, I made sure to grab my camera on the way out the door (ignoring Marlee's eye rolls and remarks).

What beautiful things have you found recently?

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