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Monday, May 7, 2012

A love Affair....{preview}

I love walking through places rich in history.  Especially if it represents part of MY history.  Holly has always been a second home to me.  Almost every day of the week, I could be found training at my dance studio {On Stage School of Dance} in downtown Holly.  At the time, I had no appreciation for the charm and beauty of this cozy town.  Now, I look on main street with new eyes. Red Devil Pizza is still thriving and well, yum! You may be familiar with the Historic Holly Hotel.   A great place to eat with lots of history and rumored hauntings. I knew that we always performed at a festival honoring Carrie Nation but not really aware that she was a sassy little {6 foot nothin' tall} hatchet & bible wielding woman with a cause.  Read on about her under the link, I think you'll love her too! 

Hoping I get the opportunity to stroll down those streets again soon {maybe while the shops are still open?}.  In the meantime, here is a little of what I captured while strolling down memory lane...