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Monday, December 19, 2011

{{The Wedding}}

I went back and forth about whether to share these pictures with you.  In the end I decided that I have no business keeping such a beautiful night a secret.  I know there were paid photographers there and I am certain they did a better job than I... but something about the night inspired me to capture moments that would make me and my family smile.  I took these for Grandma.  For my auntie, for my cousins, siblings, parents.  This is a completely biased look at what the wedding was from my perspective.  A little "happy box" to cherish these wonderful memories for years to come.  Some are very intimate, goofy, and even some artistic moments that spontaneously happened throughout the night...some are images which only my family please bear with me.  And enjoy!

and look... even I made it in front of the camera for a couple shots!

Congrats to Josh and Natalie!
My heart is so happy right now. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!