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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{anything orange}

As I enter the last week of my first trimester, I figured it might be time for some interesting facts that sets this pregnancy apart from the others...

*My running capabilities {sometimes even scaling laundry piles and dodging dogs} are much improved from the food aversions I have experienced. Ground beef is not my friend.

*Mark's cooking skills are also much improved.

*I have craved fresh EVERYTHING... celery, avacado, squash, clementines...
But most of all, it's been a pretty safe bet that anything orange will sound delicious to me... weird huh?

*Its driving me CRAZY not knowing if I can refer to "chiquita baby" {named for after all the fresh cravings} as "him" or "her"!  I have tried all the quizzes and wives tales.  Make your bets now, boy or girl? We will know in 6 short weeks!


  1. you're adorable! oh, and girl.


  2. What a little peanut! I had healthier cravings when I carried Vincent. Don't know if that should now be an old wives' tale to predict that it's a boy. I couldn't tolerate anything sweet. Not even the smell of it. Had to leave the house once while baking a cake and ask Matt to finish up. In that perfect world, you would end with two boys and two girls, and yours and Nick's little girls would be the closest of chums. Your experience in the school drop off/pick up line should tell you this world isn't perfect. :)

  3. I craved eggs and salad with Elliott. It is winter so all the fresh and especially orange is a good bet you need the folic acid and vitamin C. Good to have healthy cravings.

  4. I'm going with GIRL! You look great, as always!