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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{anything orange}

As I enter the last week of my first trimester, I figured it might be time for some interesting facts that sets this pregnancy apart from the others...

*My running capabilities {sometimes even scaling laundry piles and dodging dogs} are much improved from the food aversions I have experienced. Ground beef is not my friend.

*Mark's cooking skills are also much improved.

*I have craved fresh EVERYTHING... celery, avacado, squash, clementines...
But most of all, it's been a pretty safe bet that anything orange will sound delicious to me... weird huh?

*Its driving me CRAZY not knowing if I can refer to "chiquita baby" {named for after all the fresh cravings} as "him" or "her"!  I have tried all the quizzes and wives tales.  Make your bets now, boy or girl? We will know in 6 short weeks!