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Thursday, August 5, 2010

this summer...

As the summer days get shorter and back-to-school ads dominate the TV, I begin thinking about whether I have accomplished all that I had planned with my family...

There are days where I want to put off laundry for the 57th time (who needs clean undies when you can wear your bathing suit all day?)  and just gaze into my baby's shiny green eyes framed by those tangled, dark lashes...

Walk past the piles of papers (and COUPONS) just to help Miss M print up yet another picture of Woody for her to hang in her room. 

Or just plop down on the couch with my world famous cuddler, and try to say something to make him giggle that infectious giggle he has.  He's going in to FIFTH grade this year.  stop.  just. stop. the. ride.

Then there are the days that I want to lock myself in the closet. 

They are the days that I count down the hours until hubs walks through the door.  And bless his heart for never saying a word about the piles of clothes on the couch, piles of dishes in the sink, unpacked bags from the farmers market, a sticky floor, a dog in time out, an edgy wife who hasn't even thought about starting dinner. 

Even on those days I thank God for the beautiful sun, take a deep breath and look forward to tomorrow because it's bound to be better.

Whats left on my list?  Soaking up those quiet moments, staying patient through the chaotic ones and remembering to cherish my time with my babies because it's flying by.


  1. amen sister!

  2. Those photos are just beautiful. And yes, summer is flying by, I'm trying to soak up every last bit of it. Oh, and you won the Ryah Sophia headband giveaway!! Now you need to pick one out and send me your details :)