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Monday, April 26, 2010

{my weekend}

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love any excuse to have people over.  I love a good party.  It takes me a long time to prepare because I get LOST in every detail.  This weekend after a wonderful photo shoot (pics coming soon), I began preparations for a Pampered Chef party.

 A friend of mine jokingly quipped that she may set out a bowl of carrots for such an occasion, but I pulled out all the stops.  I love to spoil my girls. Love to feed them, visit, laugh, and  create memories. 

This party had a guest of honor.  I couldn't wait to see her and help her business to thrive!

I had my own selfish reasons to have this party. Not the free products (though that will be nice!), not learning new tips and tricks to cooking, not even having a full house with food in the oven...


...this.  This was the highlight of my day.  Getting to see that huge smile on my husband's face.  The kind that only the oldest of friends can bring.  Thanks Julie for making it out here. You are a blessing!