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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For A Decade...

...I have been a mother.  It seems so strange to say this because I don't FEEL like it's been 10 years since I became someone's mom.  In fact, I was just told by a perfect stranger the other day that I don't look old enough to have 1 child let alone three!  (Thank you, stranger.  I will cherish this remark for years to come!) Sometimes I still feel like I'm playing house and these kids are going to be picked up by their real parents at any moment... (there are times I wish someone WOULD come to pick them up... just for a while... only so I can sit and stare at the wall in complete silence.  I actually remember when I used to do that.  I used to be BORED!)  But I digress.

Blake is entering the age where I have to be careful not to embarass him in front of his friends.  Luckily, when no one is looking he still snuggles in for a hug whenever I stop to catch my breath.  I don't EVER want that to change. shhh... don't tell.

Throwing a birthday party these days gets trickier and trickier as I don't want to do anything too "baby-ish" for my grown up boy.  So this year we hosted a "movie" themed party with all the fixin's... popcorn, candy, and an AMAZING popcorn cake (yup that's a CAKE!)  made by my insanely talented friend Alysia.  The kernels are made from mini marshmallows!  Check out the pictures from this fun (and surprisingly quiet) birthday party!