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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trying something new...

So the other night, I decided it was time to try something new as a family... For the first time EVER, I prepared salmon for dinner. Why is this newsworthy? Well, I can't stand fish. The only kind I can tolerate is Albacore tuna, which I'm not sure even really counts because it comes in a can! I would hate to have my kids miss out on the chance to decide for themselves how they feel about it, not to mention the health benefits that fish has.

My picky eater decided immediately that she would not enjoy this dinner. The rule in this house is "you have to try everything, you don't have to like it. But you must try everything that is prepared for you". She ate the tiny piece presented on her plate with a pinched look on her face, but didn't complain once. (I consider this a HUGE accomplishment)

Something really cool happened that night after dinner. I was munching happily on my edamame (soybeans) when Carter came over to try one. I created a game on the spot, since its hard to teach a 4 year old that you need to scrape the bean out and NOT eat the outside... 10 minutes later, I was surrounded by all three children wanting to play my game and eat the soybeans. I was careful not to react because I didn't want to scare them off (secretely I was thrilled! I could almost see the nutrients and vitamins racing through my kids digestive track!).

I left the room for a moment, and came back to find my daughters face full of food. I looked closely at her and asked what she was eating. (Sneaking food in my house is pretty common, and usually involves something very sugary or chocolate.) SALMON. When I wasn't looking, Marlee had shoved her mouth full of fish. That night I learned that I need to be better about preparing all foods for my kids whether I like to eat it or not!

Oh, and some really cool things can happen when you aren't watching.


  1. We are an edamame family. Eliot writes songs about it. We heart it.

  2. That is great. I love those moments in our house too where the kids find out that they like something and do it with Panache!! My son Ben finally got brave (or maybe just that he is growing up) and tried mushrooms recently (he never liked them before although he had tried them) and he liked them. Now he will willingly eat them. I still am not much of a Salmon person but I have recently tried canned salmon made into salmon patties and the entire family loves it. It is wild caught red sockeye salmon and very tasty when cooked as a salmon patty!!

    Just as an FYI, you should check out info on soy because from what I have read it isn't really such a health food as it has a lot of phytic acid which binds to minerals and nutrients and keeps your body from absorbing and using them. It also has a lot of plant estrogens which can mess with hormone systems, especially in kids. Also, is very commonly grown from Genetically Modified seeds which are not necessarily safe. Google the Dangers of soy and you will get a lot of hits. Some good books are out about the topic too. Soy that is healthy such as in the traditional Asian Diet is naturally and traditionally fermented soy and is mostly used like a condiment and not eaten in large quantities (things like miso, tamari, natto, etc.).